Welcome to Kimski! Maria’s built an expansion to our original building. It features a new “Warped Space Beer Hall”, a front and back patio, and Maria’s new kitchen project, Kimski.

Kimski is a Korean Polish Street food joint that is counter service oriented. You can order food and eat in the limited seating in the front of the addition or the food will be brought to you in the bar, beer hall, or patio areas. Kimski is helmed by Chef Won Kim.

The Kimski and Maria’s branding and identity were designed by Michael Freimuth and Company at Franklyn Design. The design and build of Maria’s expansion bar and the Kimski Kitchen was by Norsman Architects.

Our Hours
Tuesday through Saturday 5pm – 11p
Sunday Noon – 4pm  (Serving Brunch)
Sunday 5pm – 9pm  (Serving Dinner)
Closed Monday.


Kimski Menu:

Maria’s Standard $8
 House Polish sausage, soju mustard, buns from Spoke and Bird in Pilsen, Kraut-chi made with Co-op sauce, scallions, sesame seeds. 
Comes with a side of fries.
MEAT Potskis $7 Ground beef & potato filling, farmers cheese, soy cream, herb salad, pickled onion
VEGGIE Potskis $7 Sauerkraut and Mushroom filling, farmers cheese, soy cream, herb salad, pickled onion
Gimbap $5 Rice roll w variety of daily banchan, AP sauce
Kopo Wangs $8 Sweet and spicy AP sauce, sesame seeds, scallions
Rice Cakes $8 Sweet and spicy chili sauce, kapusta, sesame seeds, sesame leaves
Scallion Potato Pancakes $9 Pork shoulder, kimchi of the day, smoked soy sauce
Kimchi Fried Rice $7 Kraut-chi, kimchi of the day, fried egg, scallions and greens
Potato Scallion Quesadilla $9 Our potato scallion pancake, muenster cheese, sautéed kimchi, sesame leaves
Kimski Poutine $10 Fries, kimchi beer gravy, curds, kimchi, scallions, sesame seeds Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of Kimski All Purpose Sauce or a jar of Kraut-Chi in the Kimski shop.
DAILY SPECIAL Please inquire about our daily jam.