Kimski video

Check out our new video for Kimski, our kitchen/street food joint at Maria’s. We hope to be open soon!


Ballast Point Tap Takeover March 29


Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar & Ballast Point presents:

Tap Take-Over & Tasting • Tuesday, March 29 – (7–9 PM)

Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar in conjunction with our friends at Ballast Point will be hosting a special Tap Take-Over & Tasting on Tuesday, March 29 between 7 and 9 PM. You’ll be able to meet master Cicerone Dave Kahle and Ballast Point representative Jorge Cordova to answer any and all Ballast Point questions and of course taste a selection of their specialty beers.

We will be tapping the following special beers:


Pineapple Sculpin – 7% ABV
Pineapple Sculpin medium bodied IPA came from one of many small-batch cask experiments to enhance the flavor of their signature IPA. With many tropical hop notes, this Sculpin brew features sweet juicy pineapple with hints of grapefruit, orange and herbal essences. The combination of fruity flavors and hop intensity definitely packs a punch.

Watermelon Dorado – 10% ABV
This American Double Imperial IPA has a dark copper color, a hoppy nose with touches of watermelon, citrus and pine notes. The Watermelon Dorado has a smooth dreamy taste and finishes with a slightly pepper bite.

Mango Even Keel – 3.8 ABV
This American IPA has notes of mango and hops is fairly sweet with touches of tangerine and grapefruit. It pours out in a deeply golden color with a dark body and frothy white head. It is a easy drinking brew, both light and crisp. Certainly, perfect for a spring night quencher.

Sour Wench – 7% ABV
Sour Wench was a Home Brew Mart recipe that Ballast Point made every year for the Southern California Home brewers Fest in Temecula. This Blackberry Ale was originally developed by Ballast Point’s original Master Brewer Peter A’Hearn and Colby Chandler. While interning in Germany, Peter fell in love with the Berliner Weiss style of beer. The tartness of the Oregon State Marion Blackberries, at one pound per gallon, was a perfect addition for this sour style. Sour Wench is not aged in oak barrels. In the end, it’s a great bridge beer into their sour styles.


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Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar has been nominated for 10 Best Readers’ Choice travel award contest by USA TODAY. Their expert panel selected Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar as a contender for Best Beer Bar, which just launched. The contest, which is being promoted by USA TODAY, gives voters four weeks to vote for the candidate of their choice.

You can cast your vote for Maria’s at

Voting ends Monday, February 29th, 2016 at 11:59 AM EST and the winners will be announced on 10Best on Friday, March 4th, 2016 at 12:00 PM EST, then later on USA TODAY.

Unlike the current primaries for President, you can vote once every day until voting ends on Monday, February 29 at noon ET and help us here at Maria’s win USA TODAY’s 10Best Reader’s Choice Award for Best Beer Bar.

Now let’s keep the Chicago tradition of voting early and often.

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Funky Deep Vibes

Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar presents…

Tues Feb 19 – Bartender’s Choice

unnamed (2)

Maria’s expert mixologists mix up the tunes and cocktails

Weds Feb 20 – Deep Into the Vibe – DJ Joel Gonzalez

unnamed (3)

A compilation of house music to italo disco from new wave to alternative rock.

Thurs Feb 21 – Middle Eastern Funk, Psych & International Twists – DJ Catieo

unnamed (4)

Spinnin’ funk, psych from the 60s and 70s, garage-psych and psych-folk plus a range of unexpected international tunes

Fri Feb 22 – Eclectic Ladyland – DJ Joe Bryl

unnamed (5)

An aural exploration into the wide reaches of recorded music showcasing the best in new releases, re-issues and rare crate diggin’ finds. Warm sounds, soothing cocktails and beers are flowing all night.

Sat Feb 23 – Future Is Cancelled – DJ Mike Broers

unnamed (6)

Pairs rare electronic jams with strange cinematic gems for this multimedia extravaganza.

Sun Feb 24 – The Thrift Score: Incredibly Strange Record Night – Host Glenn Russell plus special guests

unnamed (7)

Digging deep into little heard thrift store finds from the personal collection of some of Chicago’s groove merchants

Mon Feb 25 – Art Forms of Dimensions Tomorrow – DJ Nolan C

unnamed (8)

Featuring underground and classic Hip-Hop cuts along with the original jazz tunes that were used as samples and inspiration

Join Us This Weekend For…


unnamed (1)

This is a journey into sound with local hip hop producer BEAT TRAVLR w/ special guests featuring hip hop/down tempo

Mon Jan 18 – Art Forms of Dimensions Tomorrow – DJ Nolan C


Featuring underground and classic Hip-Hop cuts along with the original jazz tunes that were used as samples and inspiration

Level Eater 6.66 summons you…

Onsmith + Nudd
Level Eater 6.66 summons you…

The sixth annual edition of the fantasy art and gaming event, Level Eater, takes place on January 23, 2016 from 5pm-midnight at the Co-Prosperity Sphere.

Come play Dungeons & Dragons with some of Chicago’s great Dungeon Masters! We’ll teach and play the new (5th Edition) of the game, using it to fight evil and save the land.

Everything you need to play is provided for the event — but bring cash for beer, nosh, and maybe a magical treasure to help you in your quest against the Six Dire Demons

Level Eater 6.66 features work by: Onsmith + Nudd, Catie Olson, Matt Hilker, Dillon Yothers, Erin Page, Barnaby Strueve, Albert Ugarte, Jake Meyers and others.

The Dönermen Food Truck will be vending Teutonic street eats, and a mystery live performance is scheduled to amaze you. Extremely limited edition Level Eater 6.66 hoodies and merch will be available, too.

Admission is $25. Entrance includes your choice of a Level Eater 6.66 T-shirt or a silk screen poser printed by our friends at Teetsy. You will also receive a complementary Level Eater ale made exclusively for this event by 3 Floyds and Marz Community Brewing Co.
This past weekend 4 troubled heroes started a quest for a cursed treasure. Thus began the prequel to our annual Level Eater Show. Have a listen.


This past weekend 4 troubled heroes started a quest for a cursed treasure. Thus began the prequel to our annual Level Eater Show. Have a listen.

If you wish to battle the Six Dire Demons during the live roleplaying session beginning at 8pm please sign up at the show or email to be put on the RSVP list and read on..

The Six Dire Demons vex and hex and bedevil the land.

They are the children of a hellish demigod, aspects of forbidden might and profane power loosed upon us by the hubris of wicked warlords — and the promise of treasure.

We battle not for riches, not for glory, but to save the land and its people from a generation of darkness that shall corrupt us all if these enemies see their plans fulfilled. Our only hope is to confront them all at once with steel and spells and wits — to bring the demons down before they can warn each other and unite to destroy our lands.

We must defeat them. We have one night to band together into six groups of adventurers, one night to strike, one night to save the land from evil.

And so we seek brave and hearty souls to carry blades and wield magic against these foes.

More than that, we need heroes and heroines of cunning and courage, for the Six Dire Demons are not only fearsome but conniving and ingenious themselves. Each of them is a shade, a facet of ancient power, one lingering aspect of a dead demigod. They are:

• The Lord of Fury
• The Cat of a Thousand Deaths
• The Baron of Blood and Bone
• The Brilliant Countess of Acheron
• The Thrice-Dead Witch
• The Beautiful Horror

Proceeds of the Level Eater 6.66 show go to building WLPN, Lumpen Radio



Maria’s Top 10 Beers ( and Ciders) of 2015


If you are wondering what we thought kicked ass last year we asked our in house team of beer experts, brewer/bartenders and beverage directors what their favorite brews (and ciders) were for 2015. The lists are in no particular order and you will notice very little overlap.

What were your favorites?

Pat Gosset
Almanac – Farmers Reserve Blueberry

Almanac – Dog patch Cherry

Almanac – Barbary Coast

Alesmith – Speedway Stout

Crazy Mountain – Tequila Aged Lava Lake

Coedo – Shiro

Goose Island – BCBS Rare

Lagunitas – Waldo special ale

New Belgium – Felix

Oskar Blues – Death by Coconut
New Day – Imperial Breakfast Magpie

Eric Olson
Spiteful – Alley Time
Ballast Point – Grunion
Founders – Spectra Trifecta
Pipeworks – Lizard King
4 hands – resurrected
Central State – ottermellon
Transient – Ardent
Oskar Blues – Death by Coconut
Destihl – Dosvidanya
Marz – Rubys Tears

Ken Zawacki
9 Beers & 1 Cider
Pipeworks – Blood of The Unicorn (Can)
Almanac – Barbary Coast
Half Acre – Golden Tuna
Marz – Jungle Boogie
Anderson Valley – Briney Melon Gose
Surly Brewing – Todd The Axe Man
4 Hands/Pipeworks – Square Grouper
Maine Brewing Company – Lunch
Russian River – Consecration
Citizen Cider – bRosé

Gio Fretz
Vandermill Nunica Pine
Founders Blushing Monk
4 hands  Chocolate Peanut Butter Milk Stout
Lagunitas ScareCity #3: High West-Ified  Imperial Coffee Stout
Marz – Jungle Boogie
Ballast Point – Grapefruit Sculpin
The Bruery White Oak
Cigar City – Jai Alai IPA
21st Amendment Toaster Pastry

Daniel Bouchard
Buckledown – Belt & Suspenders
Two Brothers – Atom Smasher
Shorts – Spruce Pilsner
Ale Syndicate – Roe’s Hill
Spiteful – Working for the Weekend
Almanac – Dogpatch Sour
Lagunitas – Citrusinensis
4 Hands – Passion Fruit Prussia
Founders – Blushing Monk
Pipeworks – Twin Pines Mall

Do you feel lucky?

Join us tonight for Sabado Gigante with DJs Tropicalazo &Tony “The Luck of Lucien” Medina

The Bright lights and slashing horns work in tandem with the Rolling Bass and the Drum Breaks for a night of musical treats

10400781_1107012862645107_798942156968410431_n (1)


Super Cuts, Boogie and other Beats

Tues Dec 8 –  Lechstafari

Spinning the best in funk, soul, Afrobeat, disco and boogie
Weds Dec 9 – Secret Crush – DJ Cotton Fantasy, Coach Orenstrong, Princey Baby

The infectious sounds of boogie, new wave, soul, and soft rock — all vinyl, all good vibes, all night. Come dance with us all night long. Bring your secret crush.
Thurs Dec 10 – Maria‘s in the Dark – DJ Jarvis Devore

Join us at Maria‘s on the 2nd Thursday of each month for an evening of classic avante garde mixes of the 70s onward, british electronic and dance as well as some placid deep house to get you movin’ and groovin in the dark.
Fri Dec 11 – Super Cutz – DJ Joe Bryl

A night of dance beats galore featuring breakbeats from around the globe including funk, Latin boogaloo, house, Brazilian, techno, reggae, boogie, African, electro, jazz, acid and other beats for movin’ & groovin’.
Sat Dec 12 – Odd Style from the Numbered Streets – DJs Scrabblor & Dookie Blaster

Starts and ends with R&B and travels the beats between from hip hop to rock to jazz to disco.
Sun Dec 13 – Bartender’s Choice

Maria‘s expert mixologists mix up the tunes and cocktails
Mon. June 8 – Art Forms of Dimensions Tomorrow – DJ Nolan C

Featuring underground and classic Hip-Hop cuts along with the original jazz tunes that were used as samples and inspiration

Tues, Nov 10: New Belgium Hop Stout & Le Terroir Tasting

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 1.03.05 PM
Hop Stout & Le Terroir Tasting
Tuesday, November 10 – 6-9 PM

Our good friends at New Belgium Brewery will be hosting a special tasting at Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar on Tuesday, November 10 (6-9 PM) of Hop Stout & Le Terroir beers. Known for their very popular amber ale, Fat Tire, New Belgium have (since 1991) been dedicated to the development of craft beer with their humble beginnings garnering enough praise from friends and neighbors that the owners Jeff and Kim took their basement brewery commercial in 1993. Along with local artist and neighbor Anne Fitch they began hand making their iconic labels with her distinctive watercolor designs. In 1996, they brought in Peter Bouckaert, a Belgian Brewmaster previously working at Rodenbach to help influence their love of sour beers.

Details on the beer:

Le Terroir • 7.5% 12 IBUs

French, meaning ‘from the terrain, soil, land, ground, earth.’ You may have heard it as a wine term speaking of the environmental conditions of the vineyard, the pH of the soil, even the slope of the land. But beer has it too, especially a New Belgium sour beer, which oozes terroir from the pores of the wooden foeders we age it in. They produce a base beer that’s golden-colored with a soft overripe peach aroma and just the right amount of tart. And after 3 years in the foeders, you can bet it has some nice earthy tones. Round out that fruity base with even more unique fruity hops like Amarillo and Galaxy, and this beer may just have more terroir than your classiest wine. 

Hop Stout • 8% 100 IBUs

The latest release in their Hop Kitchen series crafts the best of the brewing worlds with one of the most brawny, bitter beers in New Belgium history. Eight different grains converge for a deep blend of dark chocolate, roasted coffee and toasted bread, while generous additions of six hop varieties, like Equinox, Chinook and Willamette, accent the richness with citrusy, woodsy pops. Just as you get lost in Hop Stout’s malty depth, a wicked rush of bitterness attacks with the combined force of an imperial stout and IPA. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it is for malt and hop lovers alike.