This week at Maria’s

Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar presents…

Tues. Oct. 14 – Sabado Gigante con Los Sunny Daze – DJs Tony “The Luck of Lucien” Medina and DJ Tropicalazo


Spinning Funk, Soul, Latin and other World Grooves pulled from their personal collections of vinyl amassed from every corner of the world -from Mexico to Maxwell Street to Bombay to Bridgeport. ALL VINYL ALL NIGHT LONG!

Weds. Oct. 15 – Jungle Boogie: Big Beats From The Tropics – DJ Clark Quente


A passport to adventure will feature the soulful sounds of Rocksteady, Reggae, Dub and Calypso; the Latin-tinged tones of Rumba, Salsa and Cumbia; the Brazilian styles of Samba, Bossa Nova and Funk Carioca and the street style grooves of Highlife, Afro-beat, Makossa and Afro-funk.

Thurs. Oct. 16 – Spins through the Galaxy – DJ Catie O


DJ catieo spins to outer space featuring a mix of electronic and avant garde music, French electronic avant-garde, space disco, psychadelic, psych folk, Dutch Space Rock, Japanase Psych, including the Spotnicks, Cosmic Machine, Mistral, Space, The Rockets & many more celestial delights. These cosmic tunes will all be paired up with vintage sci-fi films and space themed visuals!

Fri. Oct. 17 – Super Cutz – DJ Joe Bryl


A night of dance beats galore featuring breakbeats from around the globe including funk, Latin boogaloo, house, Brazilian, techno, reggae, boogie, African, electro, jazz, acid and other beats for movin’ & groovin’.

Sat. Oct. 18 – Deep Into the Vibe – DJ Joel Gonzalez


A compilation of house music to italo disco from new wave to alternative rock.

Sun. Oct. 19 – DJ BEAT TRAVLR


This is a journey into sound with local hip hop producer BEAT TRAVLR w/ special guests featuring hip hop/down tempo

Mon. Oct. 20 – Art Forms of Dimensions Tomorrow – DJ Nolan C


Featuring underground and classic Hip-Hop cuts (think 1993, Pharcyde, Lagcabincalifornia) ALONG with the original jazz tunes that were used as samples and inspiration (think 1973, Freddie Hubbard, Red Clay).

October 10: Spins ‘n Needles

A night is dedicated to ‘the format of integrity’ – vinyl! That’s right kids; All vinyl. All night. From Mod rockers to psychedelic soul, from righteous jazz tracks to dub plates and Brazilian Tropicalia to tripped-out dance beats.

Monday, Oct 6: “Marz Geighties Karaoke Freak-Out: Everybody’s A Star”


I believe that everybody’s a celebrity

And we’ve all got personality and individuality

We all read lines and we all act a part

We all need a script and an audience to play to
No matter what you do or who you are

Everybody’s a star
– The Kinks: Everybody’s A Star

Karaoke, with its strange combination of liquor fueled revelry, respectful or ironically disrespectful admiration, a personal test of one’s vocal skills or the need to shine in the limelight for a fleeting moment has for many filled a communal need of lost camaraderie that seems more and more apparent in our disconnected culture. Here in the heart and soul of Bridgeport, Maria’s has striven to connect those severed bonds of disassociation and disunity (hence our name which includes “Community Bar”) with efforts like our seasonal Korean Polish BBQ to offer what urban sociologist Ray Oldenburg called “The Third Place”. Informal meeting spaces such as this are environments that anchors the community and facilitate and foster more creative interactions. They are often free and inexpensive, welcoming and comfortable, involve a group of regulars while attracting newcomers and often feature food or liquor.

These “home away from home” offer a playful respite from the days troubles and a space to let off the common pressures that confront us all in both the work space and home front. Never snobby or pretentious, they are playful in nature and completely democratic in tone. These spaces are everything that we envision when we refer to Bridgeport as “The Community of the Future”.

To foster this communal ethos and philosophy Maria’s will begin a new series on the 1st Monday of each month starting Monday, October 6 (9 PM to midnight) titled “Marz Geighties Karaoke Freak-Out: Everybody’s A Star”. Hosted by Karaoke Jockeys St1le and RK (Reuben Kincaid), the karaoke freak-out will focus on belting out the best (and worst) of eighties pop songs in ersatz American Idol-style. You can show off your America’s got talent skills in karaoke nirvana singing Nirvana and other highlights and low lights of the eighties like Men At Work, U2, A Flock of Seagulls, Madonna, Thompson Twins, Depeche Mode, Tears For Fears, Bon Jovi, Prince, The Cure, Pat Benatar, Soft Cell and many others. The event is sponsored by Marz Community Brewing Company  and all Marz beers will be $1 off their normal price.

So, if you want to shine like a star join us for our monthly karaoke freak-out and lessen your inhibitions and channel your pop star magic for all to hear. As Ray Davies himself sung . . .

And we all act a part, 
We all need a script 
And an audience to play to. 
No matter what you do, 

Or who you are, 
Everybody’s a star.

Smoky Joe’s Southside Soul Shack


It’s Smokey Joe’s South Side Soul Shack that’s going down tonight @ Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar. All Soul, Funk and R&B on 45 RPM vinyl.

Tuesday Sept 30: Los Sunny Daze

Basically the shit. 45s all night long.


Sun Sept 28: Thrift Score: Incredibly Strange Music Night.



Over 20 years ago, the San Francisco-based publisher Re/Search, a successor to the punk rock fanzine Search & Destroy, put out their first volume of an overview of peculiar, arcane and otherwise forgotten records appropriately titled Incredibly Strange Music (Vol. II would come out the following year). As stated in a review by Michael Tierno on the respected trade publication Library Journal, Incredibly Strange Music encapsulates . . .

In a series of entertaining, informative, and sometimes moving interviews, the volume’s various contributors lead collectors of strange recordings from quaint musings about various recording acts to deeper speculations about society and what we can learn about it by examining “strange music.” Certainly, one can say that the collection seems to capture our fascination with putting on a record just about anything–from seashore sounds to Muhammad Ali speaking out against tooth decay to cab drivers talking about New York City. Perhaps the book’s deeper message hints at the landscape of ever-slipping innocence of our culture, reflected here in its recording art. Libraries will do well to carry this valuable study, since it not only lists odd music but any and everything producers saw fit to record.
Like urban archaeologists, many of these avid collectors of ephemeral recordings followed normal paths like that to their local used record stores, estate sales and even their families personal holdings to unearth what others whom avidly read Goldmine Magazine, the leading appraiser of vintage vinyl records, as suspect, without interest or any perceivable value. But, like any good archaeological digger, these collectors began to look at other avenues for what they considered records that escaped the normal consensus of what was “good” and were drawn to those oddities that often defied description and slipped under the floorboards of cultural approval. 
Some of these vinyl diggers would go door-to-door ringing bells and asking if anyone in the home had any old records that they wanted to get rid of, others would go dumpster diving through alleyways sifting through others discarded waste while many more likely, took weekly (or daily) pilgrimages to thrift stores in town or when traveling on the road flipping through bins and underneath dusty shelves. That was often were the “mother lode” could be found when one was looking to score some “black gold”.
Writer David Todd in an 1994 article in Wire captured the essence of these vinyl treasure hunters . . .

The Incredibly Strange Music books are mondo archaeology for vinyl fetishists. They exhume a hidden world of plastic where exotic Easy Listening, modern primitives, suburban astronauts, Bavarian sex symbols and singing psychics co-exist in fabulous Living Stereo. . . . the terrain is mapped implicitly by truckers, loggers, strippers, Hawaiians, Christians, psychics, wrestlers, Satanists, singing cops, sound sculptors, rockabillies, monsters, surfers and people who have yet to discover a talent of any description and seem unlikely to do so in their lifetime.

To showcase this alternative history of vinyl, Maria’s Package Goods & Community Bar will be starting a new monthly residency on Sunday, September 28 (and every following 4th Sunday of the month) titled The Thrift Score: Incredibly Strange Music Night. Hosted by vinyl enthusiast and deep digger deejay Tony “The Luck of Lucien” Medina, The Thrift Score will pay heartfelt tribute to those forgotten gems and curiosities that have fallen beneath the cracks yet deserve much-belated recognition. Tony will be joined with other collectors of “low culture” who find value in the eccentric and abnormal and share their passion and oddities with others including Joe Bryl, Maria’s musical director and fellow collector of vinyl peculiarities for over three decades for the September 28 kick-off.
To add a visually complimentary component to the sounds, The Thrift Score will also screen on DVD an equally peculiar grouping of Incredibly Strange Films (yet another Re/Search guidebook to undervalued and under appreciated psychotronic and cult movies published in 1986). Some of low-budget and quirky films will include Gimme Gimme Octopus, a Japanese children’s TV show about an octopus and a peanut who are in love with the same walrus, Mondo Bizarro, an quasi-exploitation documentary from the Swinging Sixties, Superman Donuyor, a Turkish take on America’s most-beloved super hero, Santo en el Tesoro de Dracula, a Mexican Lucha Libre wrestling film featuring the Prince of Darkness and The Hooked Generation, an outrageous psychedelic trip featuring homicide, hypodermics and hippies-gone-bad. 
There is no cover for The Thrift Score.

DJ catieo spins “Keyboards Delight” on Thursday, Sept. 18th at Maria’s!

36832DJ catieo will spin tunes from the 50s through the early 80s featuring organs, pianos, electronic organs, hammond organs, harpsichords, Mellotrosynthesizers and more unexpected keyboards on deck.

All this keyboard magic will include funk, freakbeat, psychadelia, soul, psych fuzz and more. Fine videos will be projected alongside these groovin’ beats.

Sat Aug 30: Beach Boys and Beachy Girls


Tonight Luis Aguillera brings the beach party to Maria’s.. Beneath the beach is the pavement.

Bridgepork is Coming August 22-23

Maria’s, which has been in existence for 27 years and has been witness to many changes in Bridgeport, is kicking off our four year anniversary (since our revamping) on Friday, August 22 with Bridgepork, a celebration of great beer, bar b q and music. We will be paying tribute to the vision and perseverance of our own maternal presence, Maria Marszewski, who opened the tavern/package goods store when Bridgeport was closely aligned to the workings of the local Democratic machine and through its many manifestations and its current gentrification that has been dubbed “The Community of the Future”. To give Maria proper tribute for the steadfastness of her vision we will unveil a specially commissioned portrait of her that will then be hung in its place of honor on the walls of her self-named bar.
We will be featuring our current crop of Marz Brewery beers including The Machine (American Pale Ale), The Bubbly Creek and The Bubbly Creek YUZU (both Berliner Weiss) and Smoke Wheat Every Day (a Grätzer) , The Bridgeporter, at $1 off the draft price. We will be also pouring some specialty brews that we’ve been saving deep in our vaults particularly for this occasion including Firestone Walker XVII Anniversary, The Bruery Sucre, Revolution 4th Year Quad, North Coast/Goose Island Class of ’88, Surly Darkness and other rare suds.
You can also pair your beers with some tasty treats from our outdoor Korean Polish BBQ cookout (a Monday evening summer staple) in the back patio featuring free brats, kimchee ( by Ajoohma’s Apron) to spice up the palette and various side dishes to warm your soul and fill your appetite.
At 9 PM until closing we will be featuring the Secret Disco monthly residency helmed by deep diggin’ DJ Joe Bryl which month after month brings to light the varied tones, textures and hidden histories of Disco from its roots in both funk, atmospheric electronics, sweaty soul and minimal micro-beats.
Saturday, August 23 – 4 PM – 9 PM – Free, No Cover
960 W. 31st Street, Chicago, IL. 60608 – 773.890.0588 –’s will be continuing it’s celebration our four year anniversary on Saturday, August 23 with Bridgepork Part Deux a weekend of great beer, food and music. We will transform our outdoor parking lot beginning at 4 PM (and continuing throughout the early evening) into a festive mini-court with a mixture of some of our favorite local bands. Noted Chef Kevin Hickey, previous of the Four Seasons, current Director of Food & Beverage for Rockit Ranch Productions and of the soon to open Duck Inn (2701 S. Eleanor at the fringe of Bridgeport) will be slinging some tasty edible treats. Our own Mikemar will be grilling the traditional Ko Po BBQ(Korean Polish) plus we’ll be offering plenty of craft beers including our recently released Marz brews to wet your palette.The revolving group of the featured electronic bands has been curated by our master mixologist Ken Zawacki, whose own electronic effort in the guise of Dar Embarks will be released soon on the Still Music label. Bands include J+J+J, Chandos, Windbreaker and onyou. Expect plenty of pulsing tech beats, acid jams and tweaked-out minimal excursions.

The party will continue inside after 9 PM with the Sonorama DJ crew (Charly Garcia and Eddy Baca) featuring the rhythms of mambo, rumba, cumbia, guaracha, garage, rock and other musical genres of Latin America and the south-of-the border cinematic treasures of Mexican horror films and Lucha Libre wrestling.

Haymarket Whiskey History Class – Monday, August 4 (7-9 PM)


Every Monday is our usual KoPo BBQ freak out.  But this Monday we are pleased to present A Whiskey History Class with our pal, Matthew Landan, of the Haymarket Whiskey Bar in Louiseville Kentucky.

Haymarket Whiskey Bar, a proud member of the Urban Bourbon Trail and one of Thrillist’s Top 22 whiskey bars in America will be offering a whiskey history class at Maria’s Packaged Goods and Community Bar on Monday, August 4 (7-9 PM).

Officially titled American Whiskey History and Modern Bourbon Marketing, this class is hosted by in-house specialist Matthew Landan. Maggie Kimberl of recently wrote “It connected bits of information in a totally new way that made me appreciate my Kentucky and Louisville heritage that much more.”

The class begins with a thorough introduction to the history of American whiskey from pre-Revolutionary War to Prohibition, how to read a bourbon bottle label, and about the big eight producer distillers. The second portion of the talk teaches you everything you need to know about modern bourbon marketing.
Matthew Landan is a jack-of-all-trades, working as everything from a translator for Telecom Italia Lab to a journalist for Italy Daily and Dow Jones Newswires to a Cracker Jack vendor at the world famous Wrigley Field. A world traveller, Landan finally planted his feet in the rustic and culture-rich Louisville, Ky. He launched his first business, Derby City Espresso, specializing in artisan third wave espresso drinks and craft beer on April Fool’s Day 2007. But this is bourbon county, and Landan became entranced by the culture. He opened Haymarket Whiskey Bar in 2012 – a unique bourbon bar boasting nearly 200 unique bourbons, over 100 bourbons, and great beer and spirits. In 2015 he plans to open Louisville’s first ever and only 24-hour Chicago-style kosher deli.
This event is free (no reservations required).
Proud member of The Urban Bourbon Trail
Named one of the 21 best whiskey bars in America by Thrillist
Named one of 10 whiskey bars for beginners by Whiskey Advocate
Named one of the top 55 bourbon bars in America by Bourbon Review