Top 5 Craft Beer Bar in Chicago (2014)
- Brew Dogs

Best Bars In America 2013
- Esquire TV

Best of Chicago 2013 ( Best Spot for Hyper Curated DJ nights)
- Chicago Reader

Best Secret Bar in the Country

- Cool Material, GQ magazine

Top Five Best Bars in Chicago 2013 ( The Best of the Best)
- Chicago Magazine

Best Bar for Beer Lovers 2012
- Chicago Tribune

Best of Chicago 2011 (Chicago’s 15 Best Bars for Craft Beer)
- Chicago Magazine

Best of Chicago 2011 : Eat Out Awards
- Time Out Magazine

Recent Accolades:
October 3, 2014: Chicago’s South Side Story – enRoute Magazine ( Canada)
September, 2014: Welcome to Chicago: Now Officially the Greatest Drinking City in America ( Maria’s listed as one of their favorites)
July 2,2014 Brew Dogs – Top Five Best Craft Bar in Chicago (Season 2 Episode 2)
January 2014: 36 Hours in Chicago ( New York Times)
Dec 2013: Best Bars in America (Tv Show)
Aug 2013: Top Ten Bars in Chicago – The Guardian
June 2013 I Judged Mash Tun Festival and Lived (Chicago Reader)
July 2013 Best Secret Bars in the Country – Cool Material
June 2013: Best of Chicago – Chicago Reader
Feb 2013: Best Bartender Award – Red Eye
Feb 2013: Top Five Best Bars in Chicago 2013 / Chicago Magazine
Feb 7, 2013 Valentines Day Dining / Time Out
Feb 8, 2013  Last Minute Valentines Day plans / Red Eye
Jan 10, 2013 : Things to Do In Bridgeport/ Metromix
Dec 27, 2012 Thursday: Eat. Drink. Do.
Dec 26, 2012 Food quest: Comfort food in Bridgeport
Dec 25, 2012 Last Minute New Year’s Eve Parties
Dec 06 ,2012 “Best Bar for Beer Lovers”
July 6, 2012: How to Find America’s Hidden Bars
June 14, 2012: Bottled Sodas/Trending : Time Out
June 11, 2012: Gozamos: Korean Polish BBQ
June 10: Red Eye: Monday: Eat Drink Do
June, 2012  Time Out Beer Garden Guide 2012
May 25: Aleheads: Chicago Craft Beer Week
May 25, 2012: Tasting Table: Mash Tun Review
March 25, 2012: Serious Eats: Kevin Hickey’s Bridgeport
Jan 2012 Chicago Magazine: A Guide to Bridgeport
The Beeronaut: Having a few at Maria’s Community Bar 1/10/12
12/9/12 Time Out magazine’s 100 Best Things We Ate and Drank in 2011
Serious Eats: 5 Bourbon Drinks We Love
Chicago Magazine: 2011 Best of Chicago Award
Chicago Magazine: Top 5 Best Bars for Craft Beer .. June 2011
Chicago Reader : Three Floyd’s + Half ACre + Dogfish Head Party Recap, May 24, 2011
Time Out Eat Out Award 2011 4/12/11
How Chicago Bars Got their Name 3/23/11
WBEZ radio: The Weekly Guide: Natalie Moore’s picks March 4, 2011 (halfway through the broadcast)
Bridgeport’s burgeoning food scene | Video |
WCIU _ 2/22/11 Mayoral Cocktails
NBC _The Feast – Vote by drinking Election themed cocktails
Cocktails Named after Chicago Mayoral Candidates (WGN News) Feb 18, 2011
ABC News: Pick Your Poison
Time Out Best of 2011 (Nominated Best New Bar)
Small space, big party | Metromix Chicago
Time Out: Food Recalled 2010
New City Best of Chicago 2010 : Best Liquor Store
The Chicago Reader
Th Post Family
The Chicagoist 10/25/10
Time Out Chicago 10/ 21-27
Chicago Magazine 11/10
Time Out Chicago 9/30
Crain’s Chicago Business
Chicago Tribune 8/31
The Chicagoist

Tasting Table
Time Out Chicago

Gaper’s Block
The Hardscrabbler
The Grub Street

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